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A Sunny, Lakeside Dream Come True Wedding

A Sunny, Lakeside Dream Come True Wedding
A Sunny, Lakeside Dream Come True Wedding
A Sunny, Lakeside Dream Come True Wedding

Tell us your story… Patrick and I first met through some mutual friends while we were both attending Cazenovia College. As fate would have it, we were actually from neighboring towns, but it took going away to college for us to actually meet!

Where did you two tie the knot? The Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, NY. The very first time I had ever been there was in 2008 with my cousin and a high school friend. I fell in love with the location and thought to myself, “This is where I would want to get married.” Fortunately, Patrick and I both love historical buildings, and small town charm. The Otesaga was the perfect combination of both. It was the first venue we looked at in person during our search, and we knew right then and there that we had to search no more. 9 years after the fact, my wish came true- the weather cooperated like it never does in Central New York and we had a magical ceremony by the lake.

Spill the details about your wedding! I am very much into the whole shabby chic look. I pulled ideas from here and there (Pinterest mostly) which resulted in a mix of new and old. Quite a few of the details were hand made by me- from the table numbers to the hand painted backdrop banner. The end result was what I called “The Secret Garden” look. Peonies and greens decorated the tables, candelabras with greenery wrapped around the stems were scattered throughout, and vintage books and brass candle holders were the perfect addition. Our “place cards” were little honey jars filled with local honey from a family friend’s beehives. My bridesmaids were in varying pastel hues of the same dress while the groomsmen provided the perfect contrast in their navy pants, bow ties and suspenders. Patrick somehow managed to tolerate the heat in a three piece suit from Suit Supply, and I felt like a million bucks in my bespoke wedding gown. It was a family affair in every way- my sister was my Maid of Honor, and my cousin and Patrick’s sister were my two other Bridesmaids. Patrick’s cousin was his Best Man, and my two brothers were his Groomsmen. My baby brother was my ring bearer, and my niece and nephew played the roles of Flower Girl and Junior Ring Bearer. To top it all off- my cousin helped to design and decorate my dream wedding, while another cousin was our MC! The ceremony was held outdoors under a decorated arbor that Patrick made for our day. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 80-something early summer afternoon. Our reception was filled with laughter and wonderful memories- complete with a poem my cousins dug up that my eleven-year old self wrote about love. We were surrounded by family and friends- it was the perfect day. Patrick and I continued to remark how we couldn’t believe that this was our wedding. After all the hard work- we had pulled it off!

It was truly a dream come true wedding!

What was your favorite moment? Patrick and I took the traditional route of not seeing each other AT ALL the morning of the wedding. We even exchanged wedding gifts and letters at the corner of the building so as not to get a glance of one another. By the time I was waiting to walk the aisle with my father I was such an emotional mess, but it made that moment all the more memborable. Having my father by my side as I walked (okay, maybe speed walked) to my future husband’s side left my heart swelling with so much emotion I thought it would burst.


Photographer – Nicolette Media
Bespoke Wedding Dress – Alyson Nicole
Groom’s Attire – Suit Supply
Venue & Caterer – Otesaga Resort hotel
Florist & Wedding Planner – Snezhana Vahtin
MUA & Hair Stylist – Lidiya Brishchuk

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Donna & Joseph’s Rustic Inspired Wedding

Tell us your story… We met in high school [Boyertown Area Senior High], during band practice back in 2005…. many moons ago!

Where did you two tie the knot? Lake of Isles Golf Club Resort at Foxwood Casino in North Stonington, CT. I  [Donna] chose the location due to the casino being convenient for out of town guests (half of the people who came to celebrate were from out of state!) and due to the beautiful deck that overlooked the lake and gorgeous scenery.

Donna & Joseph's Rustic Inspired Wedding

Spill the details about your wedding! We decided to go with a rustic-inspired wedding theme using grey and mint green as our main colors. We used burlap and lace accents along with crystal brooches to embellish all of our decor.  Table centerpieces were wooden crates that were handpainted & handmade (by the bride’s Aunt & Uncle) with floral arrangements that consisted of beautiful white hydrangeas with succulents and other greenery.  All bridesmaids wore mint green dresses in the style they prefered, matching hair clips & earrings. Groomsmen wore grey suits from David’s Warehouse with mint accents, and super hero socks & pocket squares which was made by the mother of the bride. I wore a beautiful beaded embellished strapless sweetheart a-line gown with matching jewelry & a bespoke rustic inspired wedding garter set made by Alyson Nicole. My bouquet was handmade by myself with burlap hydrangeas, an assortment of gorgeous brooches, and lace accents.

It was the perfect accent to our rustic inspired wedding theme!

What was your favorite moment? Announcing when we became man and wife. The excitement of finally becoming legally joined in front of all of our family and friends- them accepting, appreciating, acknowledging our love- was definitely the best part of our entire rustic-inspired wedding!

Barn Wedding
Barn Wedding


Photographer – Lillie Fortino
Bridal Garter Set- Alyson Nicole
Florist – Beachwood Florist
Hair & Make-up – Samantha D. 
Bakery- J-Cakes
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{DIY} How to Make Bridesmaids Boxes

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

Have you figured out your bridal party yet and have you asked them? If you want to do something a little more than just asking them, the not-so-new trend is giving each lady (or man) a “Will you be my…” Box.

These boxes are usually catered to the theme of your wedding and are very DIY. Most boxes include gifts of either champagne or ring pops and they will have cutesy poems or cards with them. After looking at a fair share of them on Pinterest, I decided to do something small and simple.

Here’s how I created my bridesmaids’ boxes with very simple step-by-step instructions:


  • Wooden boxes for each girl (I got mine at Michaels for less than $2 each)
  • Sponge or regular brushes
  • Modge Podge (I used a matte finish for my boxes but use what you’d like)
  • Acrylic or all purpose paint(s)
  • Paint tray
  • Wooden Letter(s) or shape(s)
  • Fine sand paper
  • Scissors


  • Exacto blade
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue
  • Tulle
  • Card stock
  • Gifts for inside (The boxes I chose are pretty small so if you are thinking about gifting larger items, these won’t work. I used Essie nail polish and included a swatch for the dress color along with a paper with some important information about the big day!)
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes


1. Smooth rough edges with sand paper. Don’t go too crazy with this because the wood “hairs” are only going to pop right back out once they get wet from the Modge Podge and/or paint.

2. Start painting the interior. Don’t be afraid to lather on the paint either. These boxes will absorb some of it. I ended up doing two coats. At the same time, if you bought any wooden letters or fun shapes to put on top, paint these with the color you prefer.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

3. Seal the interior with a nice thick layer of Modge Podge. Don’t be alarmed when you use this. It will look white but it dries clear. At this time I also painted the interior rim. If you decide to do that- do NOT close the box. Modge Podge is also a glue and it will glue it shut!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

4. While its drying, I cut out my signs for the interior. I used an exacto blade to do this. You can also use scissors OR if you’re really crafty and have an electronic cutter (silhouette or cricut) use that. My work space was pretty full at this time so I cut mine by hand. I designed the signs previously on Adobe Illustrator. If you prefer to use Photoshop- go ahead. If you don’t have access to either, Microsoft Word works perfectly fine.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

5. If you want to paint the exterior an alternate color, now is the time. I personally wanted to keep the wood color, so I just started to add the Modge Podge to the exterior. Again, slather it on. I did two coats but don’t forget to sand the rough edges in between coats. HOWEVER, make sure the paint or Modge Podge is dry first or you will ruin your sand paper.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

6. While the exterior is drying, work on what you want to put in the interior. I used tulle ribbon to “stuff” the boxes and hold the items in place. For the round boxes I cut the tulle in 40″ pieces. For the square- I did 60″. I also used this time to fold up the “important information” paper (again, I did these on Illustrator) and cut the heart swatches. You do not have to do this. Feel free to do what you want and get creative. They are your boxes to give!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

7. If you bought wooden letters or shapes to add to the box, you can add them now! I used a craft glue called Tacky Glue but you can also use Modge Podge or another strong adhesive. I would stay away from using hot glue only because in my experience a majority of items I have hot glued together, fallen apart.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

8. Now that you’ve spent some time watching paint and glue dry, it’s time to add the gifts and interior decor. To attach the interior message, I used double sided craft tape and pressed it onto the top side of the lid firmly. I didn’t want this message to be permanent incase my girls wanted to reuse the box for something else. Next I stuffed the bottom with the tulle and arranged my little gifts, swatches, and information sheet.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

Voila, bridal party gift boxes!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes


As I mentioned previously, I kept my boxes small. Not because I didn’t want to give them more but mostly because I will be spoiling them later with thank you gifts.



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A Small Town DIY Wedding

Jess & Dave wanted a low-key but fun event for their wedding.  As a venue, they thought outside of the box and rented a Boy Scout camp (Camp Garrison).  With lots of hard work – both manual labor and craft projects galore – the place was transformed into a shabby chic fairy tale which made for an extra special wedding event.  The castle setting was decked out in blues and golds, matching the wedding party perfectly as Jess glittered in a gold sequined dress and Dave shined in a tan suit with blue accents.

Newell Wedding

Our favorite memory from the wedding

Our event couldn’t have gone any smoother but our favorite moment was after the ceremony ended, we took a step back and raised a flag featuring our family crest as a symbol of our unity.  As the flag flew in the air, we were then pronounced husband and wife in front of all our closest friends and family.

Big congrats to the newlyweds & thanks so much to Stuart Sanft Photography for the beautiful pictures!


Photographer – Stuart Sanft
Dress – Modcloth and Nordstroms
Bridal Accessories- Alyson Nicole
Caterers – Moyer’s Catering & Dave Lademann
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Lovely Happenings Lifestyle event <3

Lovely happenings hosted their very first lifestyle event at drift studios on May 2nd.

What an event!
There were so many lovely people that attending to learn from wonderful speaker, great bloggers, and talented vendors/designers. Not to mention the amazing spread of food and drinks. I mean they had a Bloody Mary bar, need I say more?
 IMG_0013     IMG_0012    IMG_0078

Tickets were $40 when bought in advance but $45 at the door. If you ask me, it was definitely worth it! Each guest had the chance to do multiple DIY projects, get their make-up done, get their hair braided, and learn how to make healthy smoothies. All of this, the food, drinks, and more was included with their ticket. A great deal!

The guests also had chances to win gift baskets and products by purchasing raffle tickets. I offered up one of my canvas with leather trim tote bags to one lucky winner. (Coming soon to my shop!)

For my DIY project, since suede will be trending this summer, I showed people how to make a suede braided bracelet!! The hardest part about this DIY was the loop, which only a handful of people mastered. Most of the time, I helped them out and they did the rest. The bracelets were a hit! Some guests made more than one.


Besides all the festivities, everyone was able to shop my products along with a couple other vendors. Christine fell in love with my peacock earrings (shop them here). She ended up wearing them immediately!
 IMG_0046        peacock earrings-2 colors copy

My floral hair clips were another hit (shop them here). These cute clips have handmade wire flowers that can be customized to any color. Email to customize yours!
flower comb- all colors 2


The last popular item of the day was my crystal rhinestone headband. It might have been because I was wearing it but I think the piece is beautiful! (Shop it here!)
chloe 3         chloe 1


I am honored to have been a part in such a fabulous event. The ladies who founded Lovely Happenings, Rachael and Jaclyn, are amazing, wonderful women. I wish them much success not just in their business endeavors but their lives as well.
Lovely Happenings plans on having their next event this coming fall. You really don’t want to miss out! Keep checking their event page for more information.
One last thing…
A HUGE thank you to my mother who once again came to NY to help out.
IMG_0058            IMG_0064
Alyson xoxo signature

The Very First Lovely Happenings Event

On Saturday May 2nd, I will be displaying and selling my products at Lovely Happenings very first event! There, I’ll discuss hand crafting products along with a Do-It-Yourself demonstration!
The event will also showcase various bloggers and other vendors who will share their stories and more. You will not be disappointed. Buy your tickets today and don’t miss out! More info here.