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Cazenovia College Annual Student Fashion Show : runway rhapsody







I was asked by Cazenovia College to donate some head pieces for the student fashion show.  I was happy to help.  Here are some photos of the head pieces used.



Photo Credit: Daniel Lester

Runway Rhapsody - Catherine
“Catherine” worn by model Kristen Murdoch. Clothing designed by Emily DiSiena


Runway Rhapsody - Scarlet
Runway Rhapsody - Fleur
Runway Rhapsody - Althea
“Althea” worn by model Nazarene Shehadeh. Clothing designed by Shana Ralston


Runway Rhapsody - Plumes de Paon barrette
“Plumes De Paon” worn by model Rhiannon Kimberly. Clothing designed by Koriana Cichocki