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Vintage Romance

Nowadays you can’t help but to see Gatsby inspired weddings. Whether it is on Pinterest, a bridal blog, or in you favorite bridal magazine, there is just something about that era that makes weddings even more glamorous.


If you fell in love with this beautiful trend, like many of us did (including myself), then you should fall in love with the Vintage Romance Collection.


Using Swarovski elements, lace, silver elements, and more, the Vintage Romance Collection is are sure to make you feel elegant. Within this gorgeous collection you will find a few key trends that you do not want to miss out on.

Statement Necklaces are a major trend this season. With all the fuss about low-cut necklines and backs, designers are adorning the dramatic look with statement or backward necklaces and unique capelets. Pearl and beaded embellished necklaces are more classic styles where as a beaded capelet is for the more adventurous bride.

Metal Hair Accessories  have never been more popular then they are now since the flapper era. Modernize this look by adding a beautiful head chain or some pearl embellished hair pins. Great for any type of bride.

Flower embellished accessories  are a MAJOR hit this season on all bridal accessories. This trend gained popularity due to the festivals which was easily adopted into the bridal market effortlessly. This dominating trend looks great with all wedding themes.

Large scale netting  is being used for veils as more of a modern but vintage-inspired look. This trend is more commonly seen in avant-garde bird cage veils.

Encrusted belts and sashes  seem to always be in trend but this time they are stepping up their game. Belts are adorned with beads and rhinestones in art deco geometric patterns. The embellished belt has become a staple accessory for the modern day bride.

Make sure to check out Vintage Romance!

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Behind the Scenes: Fall Bridal Launch

After weeks of planning and multiple rescheduling, a group of 16 amazing people gathered together for a photoshoot on Saturday, October 3rd. Even though it was dark and gloomy outside, we managed to keep the mood light and cheerful indoors.  Mind you, the first scheduled date was postponed due to the weather. I was not letting a little ol’ hurricane stop it this time.

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I first planned this shoot. I’m definitely a creature of habit because I always bite off more than I can chew, but somehow it all came together.

11 models total; 2 brides, 2 grooms, 5 bridesmaids, 1 ring bearer, & 1 flower girl. All of which I designed and made new accessories for every single model.  I didn’t even think twice about doing it, which either means I’m crazy or extremely passionate about my work.

Originally the shoot was supposed to be outside so that we could capture the historic Brooklyn Bridge shot in Dumbo. Like I said earlier, mother nature wasn’t cooperating. So I sucked it up, gathered whatever decor I could from my apartment and my friends, made some wall hangings, and voila! Wedding photoshoot decor.

The bouquets that the girls are holding were also made/arranged by myself. I took a trip to the flower district the week prior and bought a ton of silk flowers. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have had the time to arrange fresh flowers the morning of. Between decorating the room, styling the hair, styling the models, and directing the shoot I had barely anytime to think.

However, this day would not have happened without the talented individuals who shot the photos, applied the beautiful makeup (with next to no breaks! sorry for the marathon!), and lets not forget the models. You were all outstanding and I can not thank you enough! I seriously can’t. Another big thank you to Patty who started the day at 9:30 running around and of course helping me immensely.  All of the behind the scenes photos can be viewed in the gallery to the right. I cannot wait to launch the new accessories that were used for this shoot! Stay tuned, because “Vintage Romance” is launching soon!

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Makeup Artist

Tim Doyon

Tim Doyon




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Bridal Fair!

Next Wednesday, February 25th, come visit me at The Bridal Show Event!

I will be showcasing all of my products and introducing NEW designs! A lot of hard work these past couple months have definitely paid off. So come visit my table and see all my new goodies 🙂






















lace belt 2 lace belt





flower belt

crystal belt













AND MUCH MORE! Hope to see you there! 😉

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So after 6+ years of having my own hair piece line, I finally had the chance to launch it on with NEW items… BRIDAL BAGS! It took a lot of planning, lots of  money, and not to mention a lot of hard but satisfying work.

Working in accessories has completely opened my mind to new possibilities for my own line. Not to mention its hard to limit myself on what I want to create. If I could, I would sew all day long and create a ton of products. Lets get real though, I need to pay my bills and work my 9-5.  Working all day just to come home an work some more, was anything but easy. My weekends were gone, my sanity slowly left me but it was definitely worth it. Now that I posted just the beginning of my work, I cannot stop thinking about ‘what am I going to sew next?”

It all started with choosing the correct materials. I went through tons and tons of leather swatches and fabric swatches to find what I wanted.

10175031_10152598037207454_1612724034990129742_n 10277278_10152606996797454_4651526509349248295_n 10462521_10152689573677454_4606560250272643114_n

While I was trying to make up my mind on the materials, I was constantly sketching on my way to and from work on a crowded subway (not the easiest thing to do, especially during rush hour). After the designs were chosen, it was time for patterns and proto samples. Some of the designs I did 2 different proto samples just to make sure the adjustments were right.

10440250_10152689565447454_3349321058933431278_n10274331_10152652367567454_6885919138637798683_n 1920051_10152630867092454_5730309940214820300_n 1904023_10152666059447454_6866965270987183885_n

When I was satisfied, I started cutting. Boy was that nerve wracking.

10329245_10152716878812454_2080117347927223845_n 10556537_10152800418087454_1126364152900230665_n

Everything I did was completely done by hand, in my apartment, by me.

10580079_10152789327817454_7090860705349643537_n 10389130_10152732580232454_5233643923906518797_n

Including all the hours of hand beading.

10557376_10152813539892454_737511931021986510_n 10422284_10152815865877454_7929568217289932540_n

Needless to say, when it was complete… I was ecstatic.  Now I just can’t wait to post more, not only for the brides-to-be but for evening & everyday 😉

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