FABRIC MEdical masks & ppe

for medical professionals & first responders

Due to the increasing requests of medical face masks and other PPE, I decided to put my bridal accessory business on the back burner to help make fabric medical masks for healthcare workers, first responders, and others that are in need of protection.


I had limited supplies at first but decided to reach out to my local community for supply donations and was completely overwhelmed with the amount of support and donations that were sent my way. To help other makers in my area and share the donations I received, I started a FaceBook group called “The Mask Makers🖤”. This is a public group that has helpful patterns, tutorials and other information for making PPE and people are able to donate supplies and make requests for themselves or their medical/first responder facilities.

If you do not have a FB account, I’ve added downloadable patterns, sewing tutorials, and other helpful information to this page. 


If you are in need of a personal mask or would like to add your facility to our donation list, please keep reading below. Thank you to all the healthcare workers and first responders for taking care of us in this time of need.

Stay safe everyone 🖤 

join the facebook group




If you are a MEDICAL OR FIRST RESPONDER FACILITY that is accepting FABRIC MEDICAL MASKS, please email me directly at HELLO@ALYSONNICOLE.COM with the subject “FACE MASK DONATION REQUEST”.

PERSONAL REQUEST FORM -For healthcare workers, first responders, & people with underlying health issues



If you would like to purchase materials for masks and other PPE, please email me at hello@alysonnicole.com to see what supplies are needed.

If you would prefer to send a monetary donation, you can donate through:

All monetary donations will be used to purchase supplies, either for myself or other makers, and will help offset shipping costs. Left over monetary donations will be given to a charity in need! If you know of a charity that needs help, please email me at hello@alysonnicole.com.

Thank you!



Q: What Supplies do I need for a fabric medical mask?

A; For the pleated mask version (which I am concentrating on) you will need the following supplies (other patterns will vary slightly with supplies):

  • 100% tightly woven cotton – medium or light weight will work
  • 1/4″ braided elastic or 1/2″ wide x 15″ long strips of knit material for fabric ties
  • Thread
  • 4mm wide flat wire or 18 gauge wire cut to 4″ long pieces
  • 1.25-2″ wide ribbon cut 5″ long (to enclose the metal nose clamp)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter (optional)
  • Pins
  • Cutting Mat (optional)
  • Straight Edge ruler or Quilters Block

Q: What type of fabric should you use for the masks?

A:  Most patterns request tightly woven 100% cotton material to be used. You can use either lightweight or medium weight fabric as long as it is breathable. Another great material to use is a non-woven polypropylene material that can be purchased here: polypropylene fabric.

Q: What are you making the filters out of?

A: The best filter to use is an n95 filter but since they are in short supply I have been using a few different combinations:

  • NEW AC filters with Parchment paper sewn together
  • NEW Vacuum Bags
  • Polypropylene Fabric doubled up

Q: What is the best way to wash/clean a fabric mask?

A: Fabric masks should always be washed before and after use with HOT water and detergent. Leave them to dry out in direct sunlight. If masks are being donated to medical facilities they will steralize and wash them with their other PPE.

medical mask patterns

FREE downloads below. If you have any questions or want to share more patterns for fabric medical masks, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Pleated Masks

Curved Face Mask

n95 Cover Mask

Mask Filter Pattern


Need some help with sewing instructions?  Take a look at the below tutorials.

scrub caps/head covers

This is a new PPE request in the FB group I started. I have created a FREE pattern download for a scrub cap based off the below tutorials. 


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