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What to Wear for Your Bridal Shower

What to Wear for Your Bridal Shower

What bride-to-be doesn’t want to look absolutely fabulous for her Bridal Shower? We know all brides have a million and one things to do as their special day gets closer, so these style tips and ideas on What to Wear for Your Bridal Shower will make life much easier. The bride should definitely stand out. It is typical to be the only one wearing white, but based on your style and personality, I say spice up the white with amazing accessories and pops of color.

Traditional with a Twist

Really cannot decide what to wear for your bridal shower? You can never go wrong with the perfect white dress and an eye-catching shoe.  Emeralds, blues, and yellows can really make a simple white dress stand out. Have fun with it and add a little color to your day! When accessorizing this look, simple but elegant pieces are a must. If your shoes are going to be the pop of color, delicate accessories will pull the entire ensemble together.

Option One

What to Wear for Your Bridal Shower

Pair this traditional yet modern dress from Bloomingdales with the Ora delicate flower sash and matching hair pins. To spice up the look, rock these emerald pumps from Steve Madden

Option Two

The Christina sash will add just the right amount of bling to the Bardot Lace-Inset Ruffled Dress from Bloomingdale’s. Pull the ensemble together with feathered earrings and a subtle tiara. To match the gold tones of your accessories, a yellow sandal with a chunky heel is perfect for an outdoor bridal shower.

Daring yet Darling

If you’re going for a more editorial look, asymmetrical shapes and colors are definitely in. A high fashion jumpsuit, a unique mini with bold colors, will have all your guests in awe. To complete this kind of outfit, eye-popping accessories are the way to go. Choose a bold belt, dramatic earrings, a statement necklace or even a fabulous crown.

Option One

This bold pixy from Neiman Marcus paired with the Lia layered necklace and gold hairpins turn traditional bridal shower attire on its head.

Option Two

Choose an asymmetrical jumpsuit from Bloomies for a really unique look. Add your own personal flair to the look by pairing the charming Eloise sash, crystal bracelet and Sacha earrings.

Option Three

Make this elegant jumpsuit from Neiman Marucs your own by pairing it with the extremely bold Indie neckalce and matching feathered hairpin.

Truly Bohemian

Finally, for a more effortless look, a stunning long dress with bohemian accessories will have you looking gorgeous while still being comfortable! Delicate tiaras, leafy crowns, layered necklaces and feathered hair pieces, yes, please!

Option One

Free People’s Love Spell lace maxi is the epitome of effortless. With the Laurel leafy crown, long draping earrings and a subtle belt to bring in the waist will have you looking like a true bohemian goddess.

Option Two

Our intricate Thora crown matches perfectly with the Love to Love You Cutwork Dress by Free People. Matching gold earrings, choker and/or bracelet will pull the entire look together.

Option Three

Intricate lace in the Cherie Bodycon Dress from Free People, exquisite Finley earrings, and a beautiful tiara make for the perfect look for any bohemian bride.

Whichever look you are going for, these amazing accessories and style tips for What to Wear for Your Bridal Shower will have you looking and feeling your best!



about the author…

Madison Good

Madison Good

PR/Social Media Intern

I am Madison Good, born and raised in Yorktown Heights, New York. After graduating high school, I headed to Hofstra University to pursue a career in Public Relations, specifically Fashion PR. I am currently a Junior here at Hofstra with a major in PR and a minor in sociology. I love fashion and the freedom of expression it instills in each and every one of us.



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Modern Valentine’s Wedding Inspiration

Modern Valentine’s Wedding Inspiration

Happy V-Day!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your special day, look no further than a Valentine’s Wedding. Yes I know, Valentine’s Day can definitely be overwhelmingly pink, filled with candy hearts and teddy bears. However, with a modern twist, your special day can ooze romance. Deep reds, creams, hints of gold and rustic tones will create the perfect valentine’s ambiance, without all the cliché’s.

To start planning a chic & modern Valentine’s Wedding, the perfect color scheme is essential. Burgandy, gold, beige and creams will set the subtle and elegant mood. With this brilliant palette, everything will fall into place.

Starting with invitations, a modern brushstroke design with sophisticated gold calligraphy from is the perfect mix of originality and simplicity. To match the deep reds of the invitations, the one tier ombre cake from Mito Sweets, is the perfect equivalent. Rich greens are the perfect addition to the decor. Besides the curling vines on the cake, pairing burgundy tones with an abundance of greenery, make for the ultimate romantic ambiance. Incorporating eucalyptus, vines and other leafy greens make for the perfect table decor and flower arrangments. Within the table decor and flowers arrangments, hints of gold and blush tie everything together for a charming dining experience.

Now, what would a perfect valentine’s wedding be without the bride and the groom? A long bohemian lace gown with an elegant open back and an attached lace cape from Grace Loves Lace will add the perfect amount of drama. For the groom, a velvet burgundy tuxedo jacket, paired with the class white collared shirt and black pants, allows for tradition with an interesting twist that even goes along with the theme. A subtle boutonniere with beiges, blushes, greens, and a pop of red ties together the entire ensemble.

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits: Mito Sweets
Photo Credits: Honey Photographs. Valentine's Wedding
Photo Credits: Junebug Weddings & Rubi Z Photography
Photo Credits: Grace Loves Lace- Verdelle 2.0
Photo Credits: Grace Loves Lace- Verdelle 2.0
Photo Credits: Michelle Edgemont Photography
Photo Credits: Taralynn Lawton
Photo Credits: Emily Millay Photography
Photo Credits: Taralynn Lawton
Photo Credits: Emily Millay Photography

Let the season of love inspired you! Have fun and create the valentine’s wedding of your dreams!



about the author…

Madison Good

Madison Good

PR/Social Media Intern


I am Madison Good, born and raised in Yorktown Heights, New York. After graduating high school, I headed to Hofstra University to pursue a career in Public Relations, specifically Fashion PR. I am currently a Junior here at Hofstra with a major in PR and a minor in sociology. I love fashion and the freedom of expression it instills in each and every one of us.



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How To Plan the Perfect Proposal

Are you ready to pop the question?


You found your person, the one, your best friend, your soulmate. Congratulations! Our hearts go searching for its other half without us even knowing it and sometimes when we find that other piece, it takes us by surprise. You are probably filled with emotion right now; excitement, love, and maybe a little bit of nerves. Don’t worry, nervousness is normal. Its really just excitement tricking you!

So, you’ve made up your mind, you are going to ask your love to marry you!

Well, thats the pre-step to the 7-steps to plan the perfect proposal.

Hooray! You already completed this pre-step and now can jump right into planning an epic proposal that will be sure to have your love excitedly saying Yes!

Get the Ring –Get the ring that will melt their heart. The one they may have been looking at on Pintrest, the one you browsed by a few moments longer at the jeweler or the heirloom ring that has been in your family for ages. The ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to each other and if you need help in selecting one, ask a friend or family member to help you choose the perfect setting.

Pro Tip – Leave the ring with the jeweler until proposal day to be sure its not found or seen before you pop the question!

Ask for Help – You may need help in pulling off your surprise proposal, coming up with unique ideas and getting your love to the desired location. Solicit the help of a friend or proposal planner. A friend can help distract them if needed and a proposal planner can help you pull off an epic proposal that is sure to surprise your love.


Pro Tip – Ask a friend to suggest a mani-pedi date with your fiancé-to-be so that their picture ready for proposal day.

Pick the Perfect Setting –AKA “The How” This is a big step and one you will want to think heavily about when planning your proposal. You’ll want to choose the ambiance/setting that is a good reflection of your love story thus far. Do you travel often together? Do you share a love of astronomy or jazz music? Think about what makes your relationship unique and add those elements into your proposal.

Choose an ambiance that is fitting for how you want to ask. Would you like an intimate affair over-looking the city with a candle-lit dinner for two? Or go big with a show-stopping, crowd-encircling proposal with music and fireworks?

Do you want your family and friends to be there when you ask or afterwards at a secondary surprise location? Either way, intimate or grandeur, be sure to make it special by adding elements that represent your love for each other.


Pro Tip – Write down a list of places you’ve mentioned wanting to go (near and far), places you frequent often and adore, how you met, things that you both have in common, and things that your fiance-to-be loves to do. This should help get the ideas flowing!

Select the Time & Location – Now you know “The How,” you’ve chosen the perfect way to ask the big question. Now you need to select when and where you are going to get down on one knee!

If you want an intimate affair, this could be at your home, favorite date night spot, on a hiking trip to the top of a mountain, in a quiet park, or over a romantic dinner for two.

If you’re going for a grand affair, this could be in the middle of a city park, in a favorite museum, at an event (gala, concert, etc) or even in the middle of the street!

You’ll want to choose a location in advance and reserve that area if possible. Check to make sure the space is available at the day and time you prefer. Event spaces, restaurants, and parks frequently have large events that take over the entire space – be sure to check to see whats going on that day if you are popping the question in a public area.

Pro Tip – Choose a time with good daylight (earlier in the Winter) so you can capture this moment on camera. Also, think about the amount of family/friends you want present – can the space hold everyone you want to be in attendance?

Keep the Secret – This is the hard one! Tell as few people as possible so that it doesn’t slip in casual conversation. Try to stay calm leading up to proposal day and don’t mention anything about proposal day being any different from any other day. Unless you are traveling somewhere exclusive that they know about, try to not over-talk about the date you set. Cool, calm casual = perfect surprise proposal!

Pro Tip – If you get nervous easily or have a hard time not giving away surprises – have your loved one meet you at the proposal location instead of you traveling there together.

Capture the Moment – For the love of memories, and social media of course, you’ll want this perfect moment captured on camera! You’ll be able to capture the best day yet, when your love said yes! These photos end up being fun recollections of that day and all of the emotions that lead up to it. You’ll be able to share these photos with loved ones that weren’t there for the proposal and possibly even use them as your Save the Date cards for the wedding! Ask a friend to stand by in an inconspicuous location to get it on film or hire a photographer to capture the moment with high quality photos!

Pro Tip – Go with a pro! Proposal photography packages are typically inexpensive, they will capture the ask and will take a few shots of you two together afterwards for some really cute memorable photos. They will carry the right equipment and will scope the scene in advance for the perfect discrete location.

Pop the Question – You’ve made it! You planned the perfect proposal, now all you have to do is ask! Prepare a few words to say to your love before getting down on one knee and asking “Will you marry me?”

Pro Tip – When saying a little something special, keep it short and sweet before kneeling. They’ll get the hint once you are down on a bended knee! I suggest leaving the ring in the box so that there is no room for a fumble!

how to plan the perfect proposal


You now have everything you need to start planning the perfect proposal. It’s going to memorable and amazing. Pop the question then pop some bubbly! Cheers to you and yours!

about the author…
Tionna Van Gundy

Tionna Van Gundy

Wedicity - Wedding Day Detailing

A love for organization and details is what Wedicity is all about! We love the details, so you can love your wedding day!

Tionna is a wedding & proposal planner in Chicago, IL. With over a decade of experience, she brings love stories to life from the proposal to wedding day, allowing couples and their families to enjoy it stress free.

Tionna is a lover of wine, chocolate, inspirational quotes, puppies, running, big laughs, warm coffee and all things details!




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Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Hi All,

I am so excited to be guest blogging on Alyson’s blog! I am a photographer, and I love all things weddings & events. Today I will discussing wedding day timelines. Being a photographer my main concern with the timeline is ensuring we have ample time to get the photos of the day but in order for this to happen seamlessly the whole day needs to go smoothly. Generally, I photograph things as they happen but there are a few exceptions that must be accounted for in the wedding day timeline.

Wedding day timelines have a lot of benefits and purposes. Wedding day timelines are a good basis for the wedding day; setting a pace for the day and keeping things on track. It also sets clear expectations, allowing family and friends to know when they need to be where (for photos, transportation, etc.).

A few tips for your wedding day timeline. Start with the meat and potatoes (my husband always uses that phrase!). What time does your ceremony start? What time does it end? Is there a cocktail hour, if so, what time? What time does your reception start? What time does your reception end? Get those into the wedding day timeline because those are the core of the wedding day.

Think about transportation, how long will it take to get from the getting ready site to the ceremony site, and from ceremony to the reception? Make sure you leave margin for travel time. Time of day, week day/weekend, Holiday Season, traffic from vacationers, all this plays a part in your travel time. Try to leave extra time in case the unexpected comes up!

Start adding in vendors. What time is the makeup artist arriving? How long did they tell you it would take? What time is the photographer arriving? When is the cake being dropped off? When will flowers be delivered?


You’ll see below, this is a wedding day timeline from a recent wedding I shot.

Wedding Day Timeline Example

The bride was working with a planner, who did an amazing job, and then the bride and I worked together to add in the allotted time for the photos. For this wedding, the planner’s wedding day timeline (not included) is much more detailed than mine because they note things like prelude music, lining up the bridal party for the ceremony, final walk through of reception space, etc. (You can include these too!! Details, details, details).

For my clients, I prefer to arrive about 30 minutes prior to bride putting on her dress. This allows me to get detail shots (about 15 minutes) and some getting ready photos before the bride puts on her dress. I LOVE capturing my clients when they put their dress on. It’s such a special moment.

You’ll notice that there are specific times for certain photos. For this wedding I had a second photographer with me, so we were able to do bride photos and groom photos during the getting ready. At 2:30 we scheduled ALL family photos at the church after the ceremony-the bride let everyone know prior to the ceremony which was super helpful because then we could dive right into the different family groupings after the ceremony before anyone departed.

Having a wedding day timeline of the reception not only keeps the pace of the event, but also allows all your vendors to know what to expect. For this wedding, I knew running to the washroom at 7:15 wouldn’t work, so I could plan accordingly.

If you have specific wedding day timeline questions comment below and I’ll happily help where I can! Or shoot me an email.

Happy Planning!



about the author…

Katy Murray

Katy Murray

Katy Murray Photography, LLC

I am Katy Murray. I am a red head, a believer and a wife.
I love adventure. Any adventure.
I love to travel. Anywhere.
I don’t laugh out loud during movies, even when I find them funny (Ask my husband and close friends). I tend to plan, too often. I like routine. I am more a pessimist than a optimist. I’m learning to fully trust God and his plan for me. I dream, way too much.




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The Skincare Trifecta: cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate

It’s 10:30pm. You’ve had a long day and have an early morning tomorrow. Pajamas on. Teeth brushed. Pull out a makeup wipe and do a once over so at least today’s makeup isn’t tomorrow’s too.

Raise your hand if this is you.

No judgement. This used to be me as well.

You’re engaged.

Photos. SO. MANY. PHOTOS. You begin to notice every small flaw on your face.


No need! A change in routine is all that is needed here. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, so all I’m asking is for 30 days to try something new. If you don’t see improvement, then go back to your makeup wipe ways


skin care trifecta: Step one, CLEANSe

Cleansing. The real stuff. The intention is to remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria from the skin. Acne is caused by a combination of sebum (oil), bacteria, and dirt left in pores. EW! Cleansing is the first line of defense. I personally prefer the feeling of a luxurious cleansing oil.

Key word: CLEANSING!

I used to be a huge fan of coconut oil too. Unfortunately it is not an oil that works well on facial skin because it is highly comedogenic. Meaning, it clogs pores. Additionally, it will wear away at your moisture barrier over time.

I learned this the hard and painful way.

Coconut oil IS great when added to a hot bath. Talk about glowing skin!

Currently, I am obsessed with the Sonia Roselli Beauty Japanese Cleansing oil. It’s pretty, feels great, and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth! I have been known to walk around the house massaging my face for several minutes. Which only helps increase blood flow giving a natural glow to the skin. Best of all, this product is beneficial for ALL skin types.

But wait, can I use oil on my oily and acne prone skin?

YES! In fact, it is often very beneficial for an oily skin type to use oil.

Often, a surge of oil on the face is due to removing too much of it. By using an oil cleanser, you are balancing the oil levels on your face as supposed to stripping it all away. Oil is our skin’s natural anti-aging cream. For a deeper understanding, visit this article on the Telegraph.

skincare trifecta

skin care trifecta: Step two, exfoliate

This is a key step in keeping your skin happy, healthy, and young! As we age, our skin is less able to renew itself. So, we must help it by removing the extra dead stuff on top.

IMPORTANT! You can over exfoliate! There is absolutely no need to exfoliate daily, even if the bottle says so. You will over work, irritate, and in fact aid in the aging process. Yuck!

Exfoliating should start around the age of 16, but only once a week. Around 20, twice a week and by 30 you should be exfoliating 3 times a week religiously. If taking care of your skin becomes a habit while you’re young, it is a much easier task. If you have children, incorporate rinsing with water into their morning and evening routines even as young as 5! As they get closer to their teenage years, add a gentle cleanser to help remove bacteria and dirt. They will thank you later!

There are two types of exfoliants: chemical and mechanical.


According to the Dermal Institute, “Chemical exfoliation employs a variety of means to achieve skin renewal such as hydroxy acids (i.e. Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid), Retinol (i.e. Vitamin A) and enzymes (i.e. Papain, Bromelain and protease enzymes from Bacillus microbes).

Mechanical exfoliation employs the use of either a tool (i.e. a brush or sponge) or substrate (i.e. Corn Cob Meal, Rice Bran, Date Seed Powder, Oatmeal, etc.) that, depending on the amount of friction and nature of abrasive used, loosens and reduces the outer corneocytes. Take caution, because excessive abrasion can result in skin irritation, which is why The International Dermal Institute only recommends the use of abrasives that do not result in irritation. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of crushed fruit pits, shells or similar damaging substrates.” Visit the Dermal Institute website for more information.

I love using the Sonia Roselli Sexapeel. It is gentle, effective and disgustingly cool! Why? Because you actually see your skin sloughing off! Not to mention that you can use it on your entire body! Note: take off all jewelry before Sexapeel-ing unless you want to be cleaning them after.

Dry, cracking heels? Sexapeel.

Prone to razor burn? Sexapeel.

Ingrown hairs? Sexapeel

Pre-wax treatment? Sexapeel. (And I do mean all waxing. Yes, Sexapeel is even safe enough to be used on your nether regions!)

skin care trifecta: Step three, hydrate

Fine lines and wrinkles are due to the depletion of water in our skin cells. Moisturizer attempts to reverse this effect. My personal favorite is the Sonia Roselli Water Balm. It is fabulous for all skin types and can also act as a makeup primer before foundation. I use this on every single makeup client! It surges the skin with so much goodness and is in fact an all in one miracle product: day cream, night cream, serum, eye cream and makeup primer all in one!

You can find detailed directions of how to use these three products on my blog post: the Foundation is Skin.

Clearly I am a big fan of the Sonia Roselli Beauty products. And for the sake of total transparency, the provided links are in fact to my affiliate page. However, I never vouch for a product that I haven’t tried on myself, then clients, and absolutely loved first.

But this is only the beginning. And if this is all you are willing to start with, you will still see some amazing changes in the look and feel of your skin.

First of all, water intake.

Yes, your doctor, mom, babysitter, aunt, uncle, and grandma have always pressured you to drink lots of water for your health. But did you know that it also helps with your skin!? By increasing your water intake, you are helping to flush out the toxins in your skin resulting in a more clear complexion.



This is the number one advice I give to all of my brides. If you have been a KBB bride, you have received a text 2-4 weeks before the big day reminding you to drink more water.

Ok, so that was easy right?

There is still more that you can do!

Before applying moisturizer, I like to treat my skin to a serum or two.


Vitamin C. Unless you’re allergic, EVERYONE will benefit from this amazing product. “The antioxidant properties of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. Dietary and topical ascorbic acid have beneficial effects on skin cells, and some studies have shown that vitamin C may help prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage.” (Oregon State)

You can buy a Vitamin C serums on Amazon.

So, you weren’t the best about wearing and reapplying SPF as a kid. Or you even went so far as to apply oil when out in the sun. Regardless, most people start seeing sun damage around the age of 25. At first it may show up as a few cute freckles across the face. Eventually, these spots get larger and less attractive. Even before this, however, sun damage can show up as lighter or even white patches on the skin.

This is my experience.

Just over a year ago, a clinical esthetician pointed out two large white areas on my cheeks. The precursor to more visible sun damage to come. She suggested I try a brightening serum.

I did my research, tried a product that did almost nothing, and then fell upon the Admire My Skin Ultra Brightening Serum. Within a matter of weeks I saw my spots reduce in size and my complexion become more even overall. Not to mention that this product is half the price of the first one I tried!



I like to use four pumps across my chest, neck and face both in the morning and evening. Many people forget to care for their neck and chest! However, make sure to take a break from the Ultra Brightening Serum for a week every month so your skin doesn’t get used to the product, resulting in a lack of continued results.


Another very important product is SPF. Daily use will help prevent from further damage. I personally love the Andre Lorent Daily Rehydrating Sunblock SPF 30. The texture is amazing and doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy residue. It absorbs well into the skin and can be used in place of a moisturizer. I, however, allow the Water Balm to absorb for five minutes while I brush my teeth and take my supplements, then apply the SPF on top.

Finally, eye cream!

Who has seen those memes “if you played with a cabbage patch doll, it’s time for an eye cream”? So true! And in fact, probably well past the time that eye cream is necessary. Nevertheless, there is no time like the present.

I have tried countless numbers of eye cream and never felt like one truly improved the look of the under eyes. Until Rodan and Fields. Yes, their products work! Within a week I saw noticeable improvements around my eyes: more plump and less fine lines. I even use it on my laugh lines. You can easily find a rep, likely by looking on your facebook feed.


The weather changes, and you probably notice a difference in your skin, especially when the air is cold. Cold air is so harsh. I like to add a few drops of Jajoba oil just before my moisturizer. Sometimes I will drench my face in in the oil for an hour or more before my evening skincare routine. The extra moisture helps to protect your skin. However, I like to avoid my oily t-zone when apply oil in the morning. This helps my skin to feel more balanced, and keep my glasses from sliding off my face.

So. It seems like a lot right now. You’re going from spending 30 seconds to 2-5 minutes on your skincare.

Try adding one or two products at a time until you have a routine that works for you. Keep a solid routine for a month, then reevaluate.

Do you see improvements?

Has the routine itself become enjoyable?

I’d be surprised if you answer either of these questions with a “no”.

Best of luck in your big life changes, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!


about the author…

Kim Baker Beauty

Kim Baker Beauty

Kim Baker

Kim Baker Gomez was born and raised in the San Jose, California. While education was her primary career path from eight years old, she found pleasure in the art of makeup through dance. After college, she attended esthetics school at San Jose City College where she met mentor and friend, Priscilla Francine Makeup. Kim fell in love with weddings and started her own business shortly after. She uses her knowledge of skincare to educate her clients and create looks that are beautiful and long lasting. Kim loves and feels so honored to be alongside her brides through such an important time in their lives.



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Modern Winter Wedding Inspiration

Modern Winter Wedding Inspiration

Its been over a year since this lovely winter wedding styled shoot was published on Artfully Wed and The Reverie Gallery, but I just couldn’t help myself… I had to share this lovely collaboration with you, again! Working on this shoot was just an amazing experience filled with wonderfully talented vendors and incredible details that will spark inspiration for any bride or groom planning a winter wedding.

This stunning and modern affair was planned by Details By Chelsea Ann and captured by For The Love Photography. The color palette includes bold rich colors with a pop of citrus which brings a whole new look to a winter theme. The beautiful wedding invitation suite and calligraphy was provided by Eliza Gwendalyn and brought extra originality to this shoot. The multi-tiered cake by Cake Heights was accented with a gorgeous edible flower and lace-like details, almost too good to eat!

I styled the beautiful bride in a handmade sheath wedding dress with a plunging neckline that had delicate lace detailing, a full open back, and a removable Swarovski crystal embellished cape. The dress was accented with crystal embellished illusion gloves, the bold Lux crystal earrings, the head-turning Starling Quartz tiara, a beautiful wire wrapped Cyrene quartz pendant, and the oh-so-lovely shoes by Emmy London. Her look was completed with hair by Erica Starr and flawless makeup by Kiki Takos!

The groom wore a tux by the Black Tux accented with a handmade tie and matching pocket square by Alyson Nicole, a boutonnière accented with a wire wrapped quartz pendant, and citrus colored alligator cuff links.

Drooling over the details already? But, wait! There’s more…

From For the Love PhotographyDetails by Chelsea Ann set out to create a glamorous, modern winter wedding inspiration shoot with a palette of soft winter whites, surprisingly paired with bold pops of citrus and deep winter tones. To create a dreamy, romantic setting, she mixed textures to transform a clean loft into an intimate space where guests would want to linger. Ice Chiavari chairs surround a rosette draped table, while a private oasis for the couple with a sheepskin rug, Lucite tables, and a tufted settee offer respite to indulge in a citrus and white sangria cocktail. An oversized garland comprised of pine, eucalyptus, kumquats, anemone and ranunculus created a focus point on the monochromatic table scape.

Guests find their seats by the hand calligraphed cards tacked on the custom designed marshmallow pin board. The custom fine art invitation suite by Eliza Gwendalyn set the tone, combining a modern typeface delicately letterpress printed on Crane Lettra paper with her signature calligraphy style in a vibrant orange ink. As guests exit through a crystal curtain with dangling hot chocolate favors, hand lettered notes remind them that “love is brewing.” This intimate, modern loft affair was captured by For the Love Photography. Proving that modern can still be romantic and dreamy, this lovely shoot brings winter wedding inspiration to life with a citrus twist.

We felt that wedding blogs and magazines are so focused on spring and summer weddings, and winter weddings tended to be kitschy or holiday focused. We were inspired by a modern day Elsa from Frozen, who we imagined would have eloped in an intimate loft affair in Manhattan but added a little brightness to the cold winter palette with accents of citrus. Of course, our Elsa glammed it up with deep berry lips and an elegant, hand sewn gown but kept her crystal tiara and Swarovski studded accessories and cape. It was so fun as a photographer to photograph such a dream inspiration shoot.

It was definitely a dream shoot to participate in and THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this happen. Now, take a look, pin some of the lovely details on Pinterest, and just get inspired!


For the love photography

For the love photography

details by chelsea ann

details by chelsea ann

Planning & Floral Design

Alyson Nicole

Alyson Nicole

Bridal Gown & Bridal Accessories

Eliza gwendalyn

Eliza gwendalyn

Invitation Suite/Calligraphy

makeup with kiki

makeup with kiki

Makeup Artist

Erica starr

Erica starr

Hair Stylist

emmy london

emmy london

Bridal Shoes
Cake heights

Cake heights

Cake Designer
the liq new york

the liq new york

Specialty Cocktails
bryant park belts

bryant park belts

Custom Leather Accessories



Patina Rentals

Patina Rentals

Vintage Furniture Rentals


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Eliminating Stress as You Plan Your Wedding

Eliminating Stress as You Plan Your Wedding
I recently wrapped up wedding plans with my new hubby, and I understand just how nuts things can get. Sometimes it’s the little things – they just accumulate without you realizing it until one day you have an explosion of emotions. That’s perfectly normal, I promise. Here are a few (fun!) ways that will aid in eliminating stress as you plan your wedding day!

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep!

It’s so easy to stay up late working on things (and then have to get up early for work!), or maybe you’re so stressed you just can’t sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try treating yourself to a relaxing night for yourself: take a long hot bath, give yourself a facial mask, and then go to bed.

Drink enough water.

Fact: drinking water can result in a 14% increase in productivity.

There’s a noticeable difference when you’re hydrated. You think clearer, you’re more energized, and you’re in a better mood. It’s well worth it to get in those eight glasses of water a day.

Eat 3 meals a day!

I get it, I honestly do. You get so busy with planning and life that even eating can become a chore. Buy some granola bars to keep in your purse, and try prepping food one night of the week so you can have leftovers for meals. You won’t have to spend the extra time prepping food every day and it will help with your hangry levels.

Exercise is also a huge stress-reliever.

Even if you simply go on a walk; as long as you’re doing some kind of physical activity each day, you’ll think a little clearer and feel a whole lot better.



Go on a date.

You heard me – get your cute little butt’s out of the house and get some ice cream. Talk about things other than wedding planning. It might be a little difficult to go the entire conversation without something wedding-related coming up, but just do your best. You’ve got this.

It’s incredibly healthy to continue making time for yourselves during this transition together. So, keep going to movies and hanging out with your friends at the beach on weekends.

Those are times to be valued, and they’ll definitely help with eliminating stress as you plan your wedding.

eliminating stress - go on a date
eliminating stress - pillow fight

Write it out!

Journaling has been proven to be therapeutic. Whether you create a word doc or use pen & paper, just lay it all out. Be honest & raw. Don’t try to beat around the bush. This is just you & your thoughts, no one else. You’ll make some new discoveries while you break down your thought processes, and those will reduce your stress levels considerably



May the games begin!

Have a pillow fight or play with Nerf guns around the house. The catch? You can’t play until you’ve completed X, Y, and Z on your task list.

Assign tasks to friends & family to lighten your load.

They don’t have to be big things; they can be small! Tasks like: someone to pick up your wedding cake if it’s not being delivered, a friend who likes design can create your programs, or someone can pick up specified decorations from the store for you. Every little bit helps.

Try to space appointments out, if possible.

True story, we had every single weekend booked with something, leading up to our wedding day. It. Was. Exhausting. Try not to do that.

Focus on the positives.

If you find yourself going down a dark hole of negativity, grab a pen & paper and begin listing the things you’re thankful for. It’s a good way to turn your mood around and a good reminder that there are more important things in life than that one thing that’s getting to you right now.

Eat some dark chocolate.

I’m serious! Dark chocolate is proven to be a mood-booster and it’s good for your health. It contains the same chemical that your brain creates when you experience falling in love. It literally encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins. Who knew eliminating stress as you plan your wedding could include something so sweet? Now, go have some dark chocolate!



Another proven way to reduce stress and an action that releases feel-good hormones. It even helps you sleep better. Cuddle away, lovers!

eliminating stress - cuddle

Talk to God about it.

I’m a pretty big advocate for trusting God in all things, and that most definitely includes wedding planning. I’ve been there and I know first-hand how big that rollercoaster can be. One day you’re on cloud nine and ridiculously excited about the big steps you’re taking together, and that same night you’re in tears because someone was disappointed in your decisions. God can take care of all of it, I promise. He’ll soothe your worried mind and bring you peace – in your soul, relationships, decision-making, and everything in-between. Just knowing He’s cheering for you, that He’s ready to step in at a moment’s notice, and that He always has your back is reassuring. Talking to Him is the absolute best way for eliminating stress as you plan your wedding. Hands down.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


I may not know you personally (yet!), but what I do know is that you’re embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures with your best friend, and that is some kind of awesome. Whatever life throws you during this time, just remember that you’ve got each other and that’s all that matters. And, if you ever need to talk about what’s stressing you, my inbox is open anytime.

Eliminating Stress as You Plan Your Wedding Chart
about the author…
Joelle Elizabeth Photography

Joelle Elizabeth Photography


Joelle is a wedding photographer from Chicago; she loves romance, a good cup of coffee, God-dates, and watching the sun set with people who mean the most.



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Top 25 Fun Wedding Video Songs

Top 25 Fun Wedding Video Songs
Let’s take a moment to talk wedding videos, shall we? Your wedding video should fill you up with joy and make you want to burst from a rush emotion and excitement.  After all, it’s created so you can re-live the day that will forever go down in history as the best day ever.
We’ve found that the most daunting task, when it comes to planning for your video, is choosing fun wedding video songs. It needs to represent the two of you as a couple and be something you won’t mind listening to together when you’re old and gray, replaying your video on your 50th anniversary for the grandkids. It’s kind of a big deal! At least we know it’s something our couples sometimes struggle with. But let’s face it, you’ve got a lot going on when it comes to wedding planning and could probably use a little inspiration! That’s why this blog post is here to the rescue.
In an ongoing mission to veer couples away from the ever-so-popular “Thousand Years” by Christina Perri (no hard feelings, Christina), we’ve come up with this playlist! It’s our top 25 fun wedding video songs for you to consider. And because we’ve filmed our fair share, we can basically promise yours is going to be absolutely full of fun and love-filled moments- and that calls for something upbeat with great vibes! Take a look and have a listen! We hope you find something you love.

25 Fun Wedding Video Songs & the lyrics we love:

Brand New, Ben Rector
I feel like windows rolled down, new city, streets and cabs/ I feel like anything can happen, laughing,/ You take me right back, when we were kids/ Never thought I’d feel like this
It’s all for you in my pursuit of happiness/Singing oh, happiness/ Singing oh, happiness
A Sky Full of Stars, Coldplay
‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars/ I’m gonna give you my heart
Latch, Sam Smith
I’m so en-captured, got me wrapped up in your touch/ Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch/ How do you do it, got me losing every breath/ Why did you kiss me to make my heart beat out my chest?
Good to be Alive, Andy Grammer
I think I finally found my hallelujah/ I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life/ Now all my dreams are coming true, yeah I’ve been waiting for this moment
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers
When I come home (when I come home) well I know I’m gonna be/ I’m gonna be the man who comes back home to you/ And if I grow-old (when I grow-old) well I know I’m gonna be/ I’m gonna be the man who’s growing old with you
I Do, Colbie Caillat
You can trust I never felt it like I feel it now /Baby there’s nothing, there’s nothing we can’t get through/ So can we say I do?

Ho Hey, The Lumineers

I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart/ I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweet (Ho!) (Hey!)
Mess Is Mine, Vance Joy
Hold on, darling/ This body is yours/ This body is yours and mine/ Well hold on, my darling/ This mess was yours/ Now your mess is mine
Mountain Sound, Of Monsters and Men
Hold your horses now (We sleep until the sun goes down)/ Through the woods we ran (Deep into the mountain sound)/ Hold your horses now (We sleep until the sun goes down)/ Through the woods we ran
You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
We’ve come a long way/ And, baby/ You know I hope and I pray /That you believe me/ When I say this love will never fade away/ Oh, because/ You are the best thing
Love Someone, Jason Mraz
Oh, ain’t it nice tonight we’ve got each other/ And I am right beside you/ More than just a partner or a lover/ I’m your friend
All I Want, Kodaline
‘Cause you brought out the best of me/ A part of me I’d never seen/ You took my soul wiped it clean/ Our love was made for movie screens
Something I Need, OneRepublic
I know that we’re not the same/ But I’m so damn glad that we made it to this time/ This time now, around, yeah/ You got something I need
Feel Again, OneRepublic
But with you, I feel again/ Yeah with you, I can feel again, yeah/ I’m feeling better since you know me/ I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me
Ends of the Earth, Lord Huron
To the ends of the earth, would you follow me/ There’s a world that was meant for our eyes to see/ To the ends of the earth, would you follow me

Tonight, Secret Nation

Turn down the lights tonight/ The moon’s our guide/ We dance, we sing, we live/ We love tonight
No Love Like Yours, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
But in the morning light, spinning like a 45/ I’m in love with you/ I don’t know love/ No love, no love like yours, woman/ Show me love, show me love
Only Love, Tim Halperin
Say you’ll stay with me forever/ Say you’ll be my only love/ We can make it through whatever/ Say you’ll be my only love
Forever Starts Today, Tim Halperin
This adventure/ We were meant for/ Everyday is a chance to discover/ You give me reason/ Through every season/ Together we can do anything
Light Up, Tim Halperin
Eyes open wide and the world is before us/ We are the sound of a beautiful chorus/ Holding to the feeling, you and I/ When we are together, we are bright
With You, Tim Halperin
All I know, when I’m with you/ This life is better/ Everything as it should be/ When we’re together/ You and me, we’ll see it through/ Oh I know it’s true/ This life is better when I’m with you
On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons
‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ey/ I’m on top of the world, ‘ey/ Waiting on this for a while now/ Paying my dues to the dirt/ I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ey/ Been holding it in for a while, ‘ey/ Take it with me if I can/ Been dreaming of this since a child/ I’m on top of the world
I Choose You, Sara Bareilles
My whole heart/ Will be yours forever/ This is a beautiful start/ To a lifelong love letter/ Tell the world that we finally got it all right/ I choose you

Now that you read why we picked these fun wedding video songs, we hope you take a listen to our playlist (link below) we created especially for you!

Top 25 Fun Wedding Video Songs, Playlist by Harrison Films

about the author…

Harrison Films

Harrison Films

Deanna & Grant

Deanna is the co-founder of Harrison Wedding Films alongside her fiancé and best friend, Grant. When they’re not filming and editing weddings, they spend their time producing content for businesses and personal brands, dreaming about owning a puppy ranch, and trying out new craft beers.



631-644-6358 | 267-614-4923

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{DIY} How to Make Bridesmaids Boxes

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

Have you figured out your bridal party yet and have you asked them? If you want to do something a little more than just asking them, the not-so-new trend is giving each lady (or man) a “Will you be my…” Box.

These boxes are usually catered to the theme of your wedding and are very DIY. Most boxes include gifts of either champagne or ring pops and they will have cutesy poems or cards with them. After looking at a fair share of them on Pinterest, I decided to do something small and simple.

Here’s how I created my bridesmaids’ boxes with very simple step-by-step instructions:


  • Wooden boxes for each girl (I got mine at Michaels for less than $2 each)
  • Sponge or regular brushes
  • Modge Podge (I used a matte finish for my boxes but use what you’d like)
  • Acrylic or all purpose paint(s)
  • Paint tray
  • Wooden Letter(s) or shape(s)
  • Fine sand paper
  • Scissors


  • Exacto blade
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue
  • Tulle
  • Card stock
  • Gifts for inside (The boxes I chose are pretty small so if you are thinking about gifting larger items, these won’t work. I used Essie nail polish and included a swatch for the dress color along with a paper with some important information about the big day!)
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes


1. Smooth rough edges with sand paper. Don’t go too crazy with this because the wood “hairs” are only going to pop right back out once they get wet from the Modge Podge and/or paint.

2. Start painting the interior. Don’t be afraid to lather on the paint either. These boxes will absorb some of it. I ended up doing two coats. At the same time, if you bought any wooden letters or fun shapes to put on top, paint these with the color you prefer.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

3. Seal the interior with a nice thick layer of Modge Podge. Don’t be alarmed when you use this. It will look white but it dries clear. At this time I also painted the interior rim. If you decide to do that- do NOT close the box. Modge Podge is also a glue and it will glue it shut!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

4. While its drying, I cut out my signs for the interior. I used an exacto blade to do this. You can also use scissors OR if you’re really crafty and have an electronic cutter (silhouette or cricut) use that. My work space was pretty full at this time so I cut mine by hand. I designed the signs previously on Adobe Illustrator. If you prefer to use Photoshop- go ahead. If you don’t have access to either, Microsoft Word works perfectly fine.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

5. If you want to paint the exterior an alternate color, now is the time. I personally wanted to keep the wood color, so I just started to add the Modge Podge to the exterior. Again, slather it on. I did two coats but don’t forget to sand the rough edges in between coats. HOWEVER, make sure the paint or Modge Podge is dry first or you will ruin your sand paper.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

6. While the exterior is drying, work on what you want to put in the interior. I used tulle ribbon to “stuff” the boxes and hold the items in place. For the round boxes I cut the tulle in 40″ pieces. For the square- I did 60″. I also used this time to fold up the “important information” paper (again, I did these on Illustrator) and cut the heart swatches. You do not have to do this. Feel free to do what you want and get creative. They are your boxes to give!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

7. If you bought wooden letters or shapes to add to the box, you can add them now! I used a craft glue called Tacky Glue but you can also use Modge Podge or another strong adhesive. I would stay away from using hot glue only because in my experience a majority of items I have hot glued together, fallen apart.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

8. Now that you’ve spent some time watching paint and glue dry, it’s time to add the gifts and interior decor. To attach the interior message, I used double sided craft tape and pressed it onto the top side of the lid firmly. I didn’t want this message to be permanent incase my girls wanted to reuse the box for something else. Next I stuffed the bottom with the tulle and arranged my little gifts, swatches, and information sheet.

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes

Voila, bridal party gift boxes!

DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes
DIY-Bridesmaids Boxes


As I mentioned previously, I kept my boxes small. Not because I didn’t want to give them more but mostly because I will be spoiling them later with thank you gifts.



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New York Bridal Week- Fall 2017 Trends

Twice a year, a magical thing happens… New York Bridal Week. 

::sigh::  Let me tell you, it truly is filled with gorgeous mouth dropping dresses that will make you wish you could have numerous weddings with unlimited budgets (well that’s how it is for me at least).

This past season, designers were debuting their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. These beautiful lines were full of wonderful trends (some cross covered from last season) and unique details. Here are the top 6 trends that I noticed the most:
1. Sleeves. Everywhere you look, gorgeous sleeves. Sure there was a fair share of strapless gowns but I have never seen a season with so many different sleeve styles. There were numerous gowns with full-length sleeves:
new york bridal week- long sleeves
FROM THE LEFT:  Watters , Mark Zunino, Maggie Sottero, Rivini
Some designers used bell sleeves, which shows some influence from the ready-to-wear market:
new york bridal week- bell sleeves
FROM THE LEFT:   Rivini, Costarellos, Galia Lahav, Odylyne The Ceremony
The bishop sleeve was also very popular:
FROM THE LEFT:  Rivini, Isabelle Armstrong, Theia, Claire Pettibone
Designers added a little whimsicle touch to gowns by using flutter sleeves:
FROM THE LEFT:   Sachin & Babi, Rivini, Inbal Dror, Theia
All different lengths of “short” sleeves were used, here are just a few examples:
new york bridal week- short sleeves
FROM THE LEFT:   Marchesa, Rime Arodaky, Reem Acra, Rivini
But most of all, off-the-shoulder sleeves were EVERYWHERE and in every style.
new york bridal week- off the shoulders

FROM THE LEFT:   Alon Livne White, Lela Rose, Vera Wang, Rivini

2. Cascading ruffles were another huge trend this season. Now I’m not talking about just the skirt having this detail (as per usual), I’m talking all over and with different materials such as fringe, tulle, lace, and even feathers.

new york bridal week- cascading ruffles
FROM THE LEFT:   Naeem Khan, Monique Lhuillier, Persy, Odylyne The Ceremony, Yolan Cris
3. Colour was another big trend that was full of blush and blue hues along with deep rich golds. Some designers went all out- head to toe.
new york bridal week- FULL COLOUR
FROM THE LEFT:   Rivini, Monique Lhuillier, Ines Di Santo, Haley Paige
While some used colour as details, either subtle or bold:
new york bridal week- COLOURED DETAILS
FROM THE LEFT:   Yolan Cris, Carol Hannah, Morilee By Madeline Gardner, Ines Di Santo
Then there were a few that introduced colour with beautiful prints.
new york bridal week- COLOURED PRINTS
FROM THE LEFT:   Galia Lahav, Yolan Kris, Malan Brenton
4. One of the more provocative trends was the boudoir inspired theme that popped up in quite a few collections. A few designers kept these dresses somewhat modest, where others went all out with super sheer fabrics and wispy lingerie-like details.
new york bridal week- boudoir
FROM THE LEFT:  Sanchin & Babi, Berta, Naeem Khan, Inbal Dror, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang
5. Pant and jumpsuits are continuing to pick up speed among the bridal world. (To be honest, I love it!) Designers showcased a variety of different options which proved a bride in pants is beautifully chic.
new york bridal week- PANTS
FROM THE LEFT:   Mark Zunino, Galia Lahav, Lela Rose, Rime Arodaky, Randi Rahm
6. Last but not least are those beautiful embellishments that we all love. The most prominent across the board was floral and foliage inspired designs that were seen as 3D appliqués, rich embroidery, and beaded patterns… just to name a few:
new york bridal week- FLORALS & FOLIAGE

FROM THE LEFT:   Inbal Dror,Naeem Khahn, Claire Pettibone, Ines Di Santo, Oscar de la Renta

Photo credits: The Knot & WGSN



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