about the products 

Founded in 2009, Alyson Nicole started out creating bridal veils and special occasion head pieces. Shortly after attending a bridal fair in Pennsylvania, Alyson started working closely with clients and bridal boutiques creating custom veils and bridesmaids hair accessories. Along with brides and private customers, she also worked closely with colleges to create one-of-a-kind pieces to walk down the runway during student fashion shows.

Now situated in Brooklyn, the designs continue to grow. In August 2012, a line of bridal bags was launched, introducing handmade leather products. Using local materials and custom printed leather, these bags add just the right touch to compliment your attire.

Alyson Nicole continues to launch new designs weekly including new leather bags, jewelry, belts, hair accessories, and so much more. The list keeps growing.

Every item created for Alyson Nicole is 100% handmade. There are no seamstresses, no assembly lines, and no factories. Everything is made by one person in a little apartment in Brooklyn, NY. From the hand beaded embellishments, to the hand curled feathers, all the way to the fabric logo tags; everything that can be made by Alyson’s own two hands, is done so with care & passion.

All products are made to order and have different lead times. Please check in the production description for a more accurate delivery time. Bespoke designs are always welcomed! For inquiries or pricing, please contact Alyson at designs@alysonnicole.com or click here for more information.

about the designer 

“I’ve always had a strong interest in fashion ever since I was taught to sew at a young age. From then on I was constantly ripping apart my clothes and re-designing them. When I got older I started making my own clothes from scratch; from t-shirts to prom dresses.”

Concentrating on art throughout her high school education, led to her decision to study Fashion Design, at Cazenovia College. Throughout Alyson’s college career, she was able to learn all facets of the fashion industry: design and business. At Cazenovia, she kept expanding her knowledge of design by pushing her boundaries as well as the curriculum.

Since graduation, Alyson works as a Design Director for a leather accessory company by day and an award winning bridal designer at night.  Alyson has had the honor of working with numerous design houses creating leather belts and accessories. Some of these designs were lucky enough to make their debut on the runway during New York Fashion Week. She never thought that the belt industry would have been where she would end up but she always tells people that designing belts is much more than what it looks. “It takes a lot of creativity to find a new way to make a belt interesting. At first you think ‘It’s just a belt’ but then you realize there are so many things you can do to make it unique that it becomes a fun game.”

Her leather accessory career has also sent her global. From sourcing materials to working hand-in-hand at factories, the experience gained is something she treasures and is able to apply to other aspects of her life, including her bespoke bridal line.

She founded her bridal line, Alyson Nicole, back in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2012 when she decided to relaunch with more than just veils and hair adornments. From jewelry to leather evening bags and from ties to everlasting boutonnières, Alyson Nicole includes an array of accessories for the bride, groom, and the whole bridal party- all of which are carefully handcrafted by herself in her in-home Brooklyn studio. Since the launch, Alyson was overwhelmed with inquiries for bespoke wedding dresses and bridal apparel, which she now includes as a special service based upon request.

Alyson Nicole offers a made-to-order line of accessories available for purchase online at alysonnicole.com, but she says the best thing about her bridal business are the bespoke designs. “This is really why I do it. I love being able to create dresses and accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind for their big day. It makes it extra special and it’s a great honor to do that for them!”

In 2016, Alyson Nicole won the Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice award for the NYC area making her one of the top 5% vendors for “Dress & Attire” and “Jewelry” categories. Within the next couple years, Alyson hopes to take her bridal business to the wholesale level with accessories and bridal separates.