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Lovely Happenings Lifestyle event <3

Lovely happenings hosted their very first lifestyle event at drift studios on May 2nd.

What an event!
There were so many lovely people that attending to learn from wonderful speaker, great bloggers, and talented vendors/designers. Not to mention the amazing spread of food and drinks. I mean they had a Bloody Mary bar, need I say more?
 IMG_0013     IMG_0012    IMG_0078

Tickets were $40 when bought in advance but $45 at the door. If you ask me, it was definitely worth it! Each guest had the chance to do multiple DIY projects, get their make-up done, get their hair braided, and learn how to make healthy smoothies. All of this, the food, drinks, and more was included with their ticket. A great deal!

The guests also had chances to win gift baskets and products by purchasing raffle tickets. I offered up one of my canvas with leather trim tote bags to one lucky winner. (Coming soon to my shop!)

For my DIY project, since suede will be trending this summer, I showed people how to make a suede braided bracelet!! The hardest part about this DIY was the loop, which only a handful of people mastered. Most of the time, I helped them out and they did the rest. The bracelets were a hit! Some guests made more than one.


Besides all the festivities, everyone was able to shop my products along with a couple other vendors. Christine fell in love with my peacock earrings (shop them here). She ended up wearing them immediately!
 IMG_0046        peacock earrings-2 colors copy

My floral hair clips were another hit (shop them here). These cute clips have handmade wire flowers that can be customized to any color. Email to customize yours!
flower comb- all colors 2


The last popular item of the day was my crystal rhinestone headband. It might have been because I was wearing it but I think the piece is beautiful! (Shop it here!)
chloe 3         chloe 1


I am honored to have been a part in such a fabulous event. The ladies who founded Lovely Happenings, Rachael and Jaclyn, are amazing, wonderful women. I wish them much success not just in their business endeavors but their lives as well.
Lovely Happenings plans on having their next event this coming fall. You really don’t want to miss out! Keep checking their event page for more information.
One last thing…
A HUGE thank you to my mother who once again came to NY to help out.
IMG_0058            IMG_0064
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Pop-up at Debra Rose

On Saturday April 25th, Debrah Rose Beauty Essentials held the first ever pop-up for Alyson Nicole.

 It was an experience to remember and a generosity to never forget.

For over a month I was preparing for this pop-up along with an event the following weekend hosted by Lovely Happenings (post to come soon!). Not to mention I had about 2 weeks in the midst of this month where I was traveling in China for my 9-5. Needless to say when I got back, my free time was non-existing.
I’m not sure what it is but every time I have an event my to-do and my to-produce list is always overwhelmingly big. There’s only so many hours in a day which makes it extremely difficult to finish everything on my lists. I was using every minute I could to make these items. On the subway to and from work I used my wire and beads to make my combs and tiaras. People were extremely interested in what I was doing but never saw the final results. It takes a lot of patience to deal with rush hour on the subway let alone standing and twisted beads on wires. Luckily, I was more than satisfied with what I had completed in time for the event. However my apartment and my always-supportive boyfriend were left in a mess of trims and findings. (Sorry!)
The night prior, I will admit, I was a reck. Thankfully my mother was able to come up for the event and helped me out immensely. For the whole night, I put her to work until she fell asleep. At that time I felt I still needed something else, so I made two pairs of peacock earrings before going to bed. I might be a little crazy… Or just extremely dedicated.

Setting up my display is probably the most nerve wracking part of any event that I do.  It is a puzzle that always needs fixing. After set-up is complete its pretty much smooth sailing.

 The day in whole was a good experience. I cannot complain. I met some great people and got my name out there which is the most important thing.

Aubrey purchased my beaded tiara and wore it right out of the store. It looked great on her and for that I am naming that tiara after her! (Shop it here.)
                      IMG_0054              Aubrie-beaded tiara 4

 Another favorite of the day, was my pearl and rhinestone reverse necklace. This necklace is great for low cut backs and is super sexy. The front is embellished with a set of three small Swarovski pearls and rhinestone beads. The dramatic back has two beautiful long silver chains adorned with Swarovski pearls at each end. Beth is now a proud owner of this necklace. (Shop it here!)
                                    pearl reverse 1

The last favorite item was my pearl and rhinestone bracelet. Made from Swarovski pearls and Swarovski rhinestones, this beautiful bracelet is a great compliment to your wrist. (Shop it here!)
                       PearlRhinestoneBracelet 1             PearlRhinestoneNecklace4

Along with those three fan favorites, there was a plethora of new products that debuted for this event.
  • canvas tote bags with leather trim
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • tiaras
  • hair clips and combs
  • headbands
Don’t forget to check them all out! They are great gifts for someone special or yourself 😉
Now it’s time to plan the next trunk show/pop-up. Keep checking my events page for more details and new products!
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