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Deciding on the right veil for your big day!

Accessories tend to be one of the last things brides-to-be think about. However, there are those brides that know exactly what they want the moment they said yes to the proposal. Sometimes, even earlier. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but there’s a possibility of disappointment when the veil you thought you wanted doesn’t fit your frame or your dress. However, don’t be discouraged by this. It’s better you know your options before you accessorize.
Traditional VS. Birdcage
One of the trickiest things to decide about your veil is the length of it. Where do you want it to fall? Do you want a blusher with it? Or would you prefer a short birdcage style? These are very important questions. But how do you figure it out? Here’s a diagram explaining the lengths and options you have.
When picking the length of the veil, you always want to keep your dress in mind. Is the length going to cover up your details or is it going to add to your look? Is it going to affect how you walk down the isle or the hairstyle you want? Your hair accessories should always compliment your look, not take away from it.
The best way to be sure what veil works for you is to try them on. There’s no shame in trying multiple lengths and styles. It’s better you do that now then regret it on the day of. Another great idea is to have all your accessories by your first fitting. That way if you have to make any final adjustments you’ll have enough time. veil chart
Customizing the veil:
There are many different types of details you can add to your veil.
The hem:
  • Cut/raw edge… This hem is the most basic and has no details. However that doesn’t mean you can’t add your details somewhere else on your veil.
  • Rolled hem… This type of hem is commonly done with a satin trim. However you can also have a rolled hem with using the tulle itself.
  • Beaded hem… A straight or designed beaded pattern on the hem of your veil. This can also incorporate crystals and some extra bling.
  • Lace hem… A lace hem has many options based on the type of lace you want to use. There’s a wide array of different kinds of lace out there. Some are more detailed than others and can be decked out with beaded details. Then there are some that are simple yet beautiful. It’s best to discuss your options before purchasing a veil with this type of hem.
  • Scalloped hem… This type of hem is not straight but shaped. This can be done without any additional details or the scalloped edge could have a lace or a beading design to add to the shaped hem.
  • Birdcage veils are usually plain and either use diamond netting or a cut/raw tulle edge.
Now that we covered the hem, there is still the rest of the veil to discuss! Details can be added to various places but the most common areas to add details is right by the fastener. Here’s a small list of some options to think about:
  • Lace appliqué either plain or hand beaded
  • Hand beaded design to match your dress
  • Bows
  • Flower details
  • Feather details
Again, that was a very small list. The possibilities depend on your personal taste.
Why you should do a custom design:
The best part of doing custom accessories is that it brings that special something into your look. Whether it’s hand beading a design to match your dress or incorporating a part of your mothers wedding dress, having a custom veil just adds that one-of-a-kind detail that makes your wedding more memorable. Email me at to start your extraordinary bridal veil and accessories.
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The Bridal Show Event – February 25th 2015

This past Wednesday (2/25) I had the privilege of showing my products to beautiful future brides! A Bridal Affair to Remember hosted the lovely event at Sirico’s Caterers where a handful of other wedding professionals attended and displayed their services.










I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t  extremely nervous about the show. This was the show that debuted my leather bags and my bridal sashes. In the past, I had only hair accessories at my table, which was less nerve wracking but still nonetheless. However, the amount of compliments that were received about my new products made me feel empowered by my work. I put so much care and thought into each design (along with numerous hours constructing) that it was nice to hear it from outside sources. Not just my adoring family, friends, and of course my super supportive boyfriend.

Usually bridal fairs are a hit or miss especially for accessories. A lot of the brides that attend either just got engaged or haven’t said “yes to the dress” yet. I was genuinely surprised by the amount of ladies who were already looking for that something special to add to their ensemble. There were a few that weren’t sure what they wanted but once I placed a veil on their head it helped them visualize themselves walking down the isle in an Alyson Nicole custom handmade piece.

There were quite a few fan favorites at the show. The Jessica Leigh ($198) and the Catherine ($198) were the top loved birdcage veils.

IMG_0735 IMG_0752IMG_0732






For the traditional veils, the Annabelle ($388) received the most compliments with its hand cut lace and hand beaded trim.

IMG_0749 IMG_0748






In bridal accessories, the Everlasting Boutonnière ($86) had a handful of admirers especially among the fiancés.

IMG_0685 IMG_0724










As for the leather bags, people were gravitating to the wristlets, Forever & Always ($198) and Lace but Not Least with beading ($422), and the Cherish evening clutch ($224).

IMG_0764 IMG_0766






It was a pleasure to talk to each and everyone of the brides. I can’t wait to start working on their custom designed bridal accessories. The look on the bride’s face is priceless when you unveil that special something that compliments her day.


One of the next events Alyson Nicole is exhibiting at is for Lovely Happenings. The event will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at Drift Studio in NYC from 11AM-4PM. There, I will be showcasing my handmade goodies, talking about the importance of handcrafted products vs mass production, and I will be doing a “how to” demonstration.



Until next time,
xoxo Alyson