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So after 6+ years of having my own hair piece line, I finally had the chance to launch it on with NEW items… BRIDAL BAGS! It took a lot of planning, lots of  money, and not to mention a lot of hard but satisfying work.

Working in accessories has completely opened my mind to new possibilities for my own line. Not to mention its hard to limit myself on what I want to create. If I could, I would sew all day long and create a ton of products. Lets get real though, I need to pay my bills and work my 9-5.  Working all day just to come home an work some more, was anything but easy. My weekends were gone, my sanity slowly left me but it was definitely worth it. Now that I posted just the beginning of my work, I cannot stop thinking about ‘what am I going to sew next?”

It all started with choosing the correct materials. I went through tons and tons of leather swatches and fabric swatches to find what I wanted.

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While I was trying to make up my mind on the materials, I was constantly sketching on my way to and from work on a crowded subway (not the easiest thing to do, especially during rush hour). After the designs were chosen, it was time for patterns and proto samples. Some of the designs I did 2 different proto samples just to make sure the adjustments were right.

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When I was satisfied, I started cutting. Boy was that nerve wracking.

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Everything I did was completely done by hand, in my apartment, by me.

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Including all the hours of hand beading.

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Needless to say, when it was complete… I was ecstatic.  Now I just can’t wait to post more, not only for the brides-to-be but for evening & everyday 😉

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